Top 50 Australian Google+ Users

by admin on July 21, 2011

List of Australia’s Top 50 Google+ Users

This data from – a directory of Google+ users – represents a sample list of popular Australian Google Plus users and is not 100% accurate as doesn’t pull in location data for all Google+ users in Australia, however I felt it was an interesting list with some great people to circle on Google+ so I thought it was worth publishing.

#1 Joel Falconer 
Gold Coast, Australia 2,364 2,795
#2 Chris Loft 
Nice person / musician / producer / video maker / social networker / media student / father / dreamer / coffee grinder / poet / haikuist /
Adelaide, South Australia 4,872 5,877
#3 Gareth Hall 
Student at Curtin
Perth, Australia 83 96
#4 Joeben Buena  Melbourne, Australia 35 23
#5 Fred Wu 
Web Developer
Melbourne, Australia 82 253
#6 George Zagas 
Technical Project Manager
Quakers Hill, NSW, Australia 63 29
#7 Katie McLaughlin 
Code Monkey
Sydney, Australia 43 58
#8 Mo Kargas 
Web & Mobile Developer
Adelaide, Australia 289 985
#9 Farid Wardan 
Web/Mobile Developer
Sydney, Australia 0 54
#10 Shuo Ran 
Java Developer
Sydney, Australia 0 137
#11 Andrea B (cyberetto) 
IT Manager
Sydney, Australia 146 263
#12 Long Zheng 
Graphics designer
Melbourne, Australia 64 432
#13 Neville Ridley-Smith 
Professional geek
Sydney, Australia 545 310
#14 Leigh Hanney 
Online Marketing
Australia 96 92
#15 David Slattery 
IT Architect
Berwick, Victoria, Australia 70 91
#16 Serdar Kiliç 
Senior Developer
Sydney, Australia 80 79
#17 Erin Revell  Brisbane, Australia 0 78
#18 Deepak Chawla 
Brand identity designer
Melbourne, Australia 18 10
#19 Jessica Villeneuve 
IT Business Analyst
Sydney, Australia 0 29
#20 Collis Ta’eed 
Web Designer, Blogger, Entrepreneur
Australia 65 1,572
#21 Van Kham Tran 
Research Student
Adelaide, Australia 159 255
#22 Jan Michael Alonzo 
Sydney Australia 605 198
#23 Jerry van Leeuwen 
Software Development
Australia 18 0
#24 Ed Dale 
Technology Fashionista, Noticer Of Stuff, Guitar Hack, Photographer
Moonee Ponds, Australia 173 1,324
#25 David Colahan  Brisbane, Australia 0 32
#26 Craig Day 
Software Engineer
Perth, Western Australia 0 0
#27 Robert Somerville 
Melbourne, Australia 97 368
#28 Jean-Jacques Halans 
Web/Mobile Developer / Sometimes Photographer
Sydney, Australia 123 253
#29 Steve Coles  Gold Coast Australia 69 41
#30 Narasimha Phanindra Vinti  Melbourne,Australia 30 34
#31 Peta Hopkins 
Project Manager
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia 78 98
#32 Rae Allen 
Synergist and web developer
Brisbane. Australia 0 89
#33 Scott Bird 
Sydney, Australia 196 119
#34 Dan Callaghan 
Code monkey
Brisbane, Australia 0 0
#35 Maurice Kindermann 
Web Designer & Developer
Brisbane, Australia 0 32
#36 George Paul 
IT, Web/Graphics, Digital Film Making
Adelaide, Australia 45 47
#37 Thomas Woolford 
Adelaide, South Australia 34 38
#38 ManiacD Oz 
Software Developer
Brisbane, Qld, Australia 206 197
#39 Lucio Ribeiro 
Digital Officer
Australia 0 113
#40 Lyndon Sharp 
Information Services Manager
Sydney, Australia 31 36
#41 Grant Osborne 
Digital Strategist
Perth, WA, Australia 60 49
#42 David Whittle  Australia 157 191
#43 Mohammadreza Kamyab 
PhD Candidate, Petroleum Engineering
Perth, Western Australia 100 85
#44 Adam Dodson 
Managing Director, Web Developer, Server Administrator, Digital Security Consultant, Privacy Preservation Professional, Tech Support Guru, Investigative Journalist, Awesome Father
Australia 90 72
#45 Scott Fowles 
Conversion Analyst
Sydney, Australia 51 63
#46 Daryl Hunt 
Workplace IT Trainer, Tech Support, Website Maintenance, Social Media Support
Mansfield Vic Australia 222 146
#47 Tim Hurley 
CRM Manager
Perth Australia 36 16
#48 Hunter Murphy 
Bunbury, Australia 573 554
#49 Melody Li 
Students, Assistant
Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia 17 13
#50 Sam Lin 
Australia 18 18

Source: – this data isn’t entirely accurate, but I felt it was a good list nonetheless

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Virgin is set to shake up the Big 4 banks with it’s new range of credit cards and high interest online savings account

Virgin Money, the financial services division of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin group has recently launched a new Virgin credit card the goes by the name of Virgin Flyer Credit Card. As the name suggests, these new Virgin credit cards are ideal for anyone who does a significant amount of travelling because the rewards program is linked to the Virgin Blue loyalty program, offering a host of benefits including free flights, car hire and accommodation as well as significant discounts and offers. The reasonable rates are also nothing to scoff at.

The New Virgin Credit Card Takes Cheap Travel to a New Level

The new Virgin credit card allows customers to earn points through their generous rewards program which can then be redeemed for free flights on Virgin Blue and its international partners to more than four hundred global destinations. The offer includes a free one-way flight to certain destinations for anyone who has become and cardholder and uses one of the new Virgin credit cards before the 15th of October, 2010.

Additionally, the new Virgin credit card allows customers to earn points which can be redeemed for a free one-way ticket for a traveling companion when they fly on Virgin Blue. However, the number of tickets is limited to no more than four per year.

However, before you rush off to apply for a new Virgin credit card you must first evaluate your spending habits because if you end up charging everything to your credit card but not paying it off on time, you may end up paying more for those flights than if you were to purchase the tickets outright. This is especially true for expenses which you would not otherwise charge to your card. However, if you have the discipline to use your credit card wisely then the new Virgin credit card is an excellent choice, even if you aren’t a frequent traveler but would like to take advantage of the loyalty program in one way or another.

The New Virgin Credit Cards: Other Benefits

Besides the excellent flight benefits, cardholders are also entitled to many other advantages including being able to redeem their points for accommodation, car hire and other goods, which are vital for any traveler. Likewise, owners of the new Virgin credit card also receive travel accident insurance and concierge as well as customer support around the clock, which is invaluable if you travel across time zones.

The new Virgin credit card is perfect for anyone who has plans to travel, whether you travel frequently or are simply planning your family holiday this year. This way, even if you don’t travel often enough for the regular airline rewards programs to be of any use to you, you can still get some great travel advantages simply by using your new Virgin credit card.

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Google: State of the Index, November 2009

November 23, 2009


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Google Wave: A few quick thoughts

November 7, 2009

Wave removes the conscious decision that previously you’d have to make when “creating” – removing the need to have to answer this question: “Should what I’m about to do be via a doc, email, chat?”. A wave is fluid in nature, and can evolve to achieve outcomes of 1 or all 3.
Wave improves the [...]

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Google Presentation: 87 Cool Things

September 28, 2009

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Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009

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The $1 Crowdsourcing experiment to create a tagline for Australia’s 2018 Soccer World Cup Bid

May 10, 2009

DesignBay is a crowdsourcing marketplace for logo design, web design and graphic design. DesignBay helps businesses get 25 to 100+ designs from designers around the world.  Its mission is to give designers opportunities and to provide businesses with risk-free creativity.
DesignBay is one of 12 exhibitors being showcased at the Webciety section this year at [...]

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Siteflex is the first Australian Web CMS to integrate the Google Analytics Data Export API

April 29, 2009

Siteflex have successfully integrated the recently publicly released Google Analytics Data Export API into their web content management system, within 7 days of the Google announcement demonstrating further the benefits of SaaS & On Demand Applications.
Companies employing Mailflex now can examine, on a campaign by campaign basis:

The relevant  top-level Analytics for the campaign [...]

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Webciety at CeBIT 2009

March 31, 2009

Mark Kofahl of Solutions Outsourced talks to CeBIT Australia’s Roland Tellzen about the Webciety display at CeBIT Hannover 2009, and plans to launch Webciety at CeBIT Australia 2009 in Sydney in May (12-14 May 2009).
Webciety at CeBIT 2009

Don’t forget to register for CeBIT Australia 2009

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Inline Tweeting: Post links to your twitter profile from Firefox using delicious + twitterfeed

March 21, 2009

I’m always on the look out for productivity hacks. Twitter has become a part of my daily routine and something that if not managed correctly can hog your time and attention. Using some Web 2.0 applications, I’ve come up with a process to help improve your productivity for tweeting links, without having to leave your [...]

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