Google Wave: A few quick thoughts

by admin on November 7, 2009

  • Wave removes the conscious decision that previously you’d have to make when “creating” – removing the need to have to answer this question: “Should what I’m about to do be via a doc, email, chat?”. A wave is fluid in nature, and can evolve to achieve outcomes of 1 or all 3.
  • Wave improves the productivity for Instant Messaging and E-mail. eg: If you’re in chat you can easily turn that chat in to an active collaborative task
  • Meeting notes on steroids. Can you imagine everyone taking notes during a meeting in a Wave? lol
  • Task management tool. The ease in which you can segment parts of a wave to be private, or published etc. will make it pretty awesome for task management.
  • Light-weight document storage. Not having to email attachments back and forth would be pretty wicked. Dropping them in to a Wave would bring the relevant documents to where the conversation is occurring, not in separate emails, on your desktop etc.

It’ll be interesting to see the types of extensions that are developed.

I think for me, until all the people I do business activity with on a daily basis use it as their primary communications tool, all of the above isn’t a 100% achievable.

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